Welcome To The Salmon Run Restaurant Hanoi

Our goal is to provide each traveler with fresh, delicious seafood and other fantastic selections served in a beautiful atmosphere. We have worked towards that goal starting with the Salmon Run name and going forward to create our beautiful restaurant that we hope will make your dining experience perfect in every way.

We are quite proud of the fantastic restaurant team we have brought together at the Salmon Run.  We have a group which includes 4 Master Chefs, along with 8 additional support staff, coming in early each morning and working hard throughout the day to make your dining experience special. Our employees see creating wonderful food and providing the best service as an art.  They dedicate themselves 100 percent to that shared passion.  The pride they feel in their job is displayed in the way they work closely together as a single team in the kitchen creating our dishes and followed by servers presenting them to our guests.  Whether you wish to enjoy a Western or Traditional Vietnamese dish the staff will assure it is of the highest quality.

The name Salmon Run reflects the many ways we make sure we provide our customers with only the freshest of foods.  We are famous for allowing our Chefs to personally select the finest fresh ingredients daily which will be strictly served the same day.  We are sure that after you experience these extremely fresh and delicious meals you will be pleased.

We hope to provide our customers in the Salmon Run Restaurant and Nexus Café with what will be remembered as a great experience long after their Hanoi visit.