Meet The Team

* About the Golden Sun Team

The brand “ Golden Sun”, was found in 2006 by the owners Mrs. Moon, Armed with a burning passion to serve guests who wish to stay in the most luxurious, convenient and completely modern space with the perfect quality of service by staff who will do anything and everything in their power of make your stay more enjoyable and memorable. For these reasons Golden Sun was born.

Every single member of our team from managers to staffs is really hard word, well trained and passion to bring the best to our guests

* About the founder Ms. Moon Pham

As said above, she is Moon Pham, was born in 15th July, 1980. She got her MBA degree for International Trade & Finance at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. But with her passion of working in hospitality since early years of 2000, she keeps working really hard day and night with her team with the hope that Hanoi Hospitality Industry will become a trustworthy  destination for travelers in the world.

Hospitality promise

Making your stay a complete success is our goal
Just let our Manager on Duty or front desk staff know
if any part of your stay isn' t satisfactory.
We promise make is right or you won' t pay for that part of your stay


* Golden Sun is currently managing the group of followings:

+ Emerald Waters Hotel – Add: 47 Lo Su str., Hanoi
+ Golden Sun Palace Hotel - Add: 33 Hang Quat str., Hanoi
+ Golden Sun Suites Hotel - Add: 35 Hang Quat str., Hanoi
+ Golden Sun Villa Hotel - Add: 68 Hang Trong str., Hanoi
+ Golden Sun Moment Hotel - Add: 15 Hang Can str., Hanoi
+ Artisan Lakeview Hotel - Add: 23  Hang Hanh str., Hanoi
+ Artisan Boutique Hotel - Add: 24 Hang Hanh str., Hanoi
+ Madam Moon Hanoi - Add: 17 Hang Hanh str., Hanoi